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Refurbishment of split-level detached house

This 1930's style, detached house suffered from a small awkward shaped kitchen, no useful utility space and a 2nd garage which was barely used.

Our brief was to re-arrange the kitchen and to give it better access both to the garden and to the front door, at the same time introducing a large utility room with access to the garage from inside and to turn this into a livable study-cum-TV den. The various levels of the house were a little complicated and had to be carefully worked out.

The house faces North over the Severn Estuary so part of the redesign was for a private South facing roof balcony with railings designed to emulate an ocean liner.  We felt this fitted in with the 1930's façade and sea views more sensitively than modern glass or wire railings would. We planned to replace all the existing white UPVC windows with dark framed aluminium frames. We also designed a glazed pod on the back of the house, to open up the dining area to the garden and redesigned the patio levels. 

We found a way to create access directly to the Utility room from the front hall, which would greatly improve

the flow and usage of the house. 

Front 1.jpg

Existing front


Existing rear

Exterior elevations.jpg

Existing elevations

Proposed elevations

Front proposed Exterior elevations.jpg

Proposed front elevation showing detail of ocean liner style railings, extending over porch

6 Ashdown Road - Existing1st floor plan.
Proposed 1st floor plan.jpg

Existing 1st floor plan

Proposed 1st floor plan

6 Ashdown Road - Existing ground floor p

Existing ground floor plan

Ground floor plan.jpg

Proposed ground floor plan

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