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Full refurbishment and extension to detached house

This lovely 1930s country house was a little shabby and wasn't quite working for the large and growing family who had bought it. 

By raising the roof, a large attic bedroom with ensuite was added. Some reconfigurations on the ground floor allowed a large kitchen, utility room, glazed conservatory playroom / dining space and an additional shower room.

The first floor was improved with a reconfiguration of the master bedroom to include a new ensuite and built in wardrobe area. The family bathroom was refurbished and all rooms redecorated. Plumbing and wiring and insulations were brought up to modern specifications and all new windows were installed. 

The clients are a fun, young, funky family with a love for vintage and colour. They had a limited budget for the interiors, having had to spend so much of their budget on essential building works. 

Suzy discussed their preferences and needs with them and designed a interiors scheme that was not at all what they expected in looks, but which they loved and executed in entirety.  Rather than a highly contemporary low to mid budget scheme, Suzy aimed for 21st Century living with a strong, layered, colourful feeling of vintage country farmhouse and reinstated some 1930s style in keeping with the age of the house. 

Large hexagonal terracotta tiles were laid throughout the kitchen. Simple kitchen cabinets were dark blue at base level and white at higher level, but were also paintable doors, so that the clients can repaint in their desired vintage colours when they can afford to. A large, custom made larder allowed for family sized food storage. Some enclosed and some bespoke open storage gives the kitchen a country feel. Minerva solid countertops were inexpensive, yet beautiful and practical. A large island with wooden counter and 

pot hangar above softened the potential for overmatching that can happen in modern kitchens, whilst providing more storage and a seating and a central hub. The simple design was elevated with real Moroccan encaustic tiles behind the range in bespoke colours. There is lots of open shelving to display the client's collections of vintage kitchenware and storage tins. 

The dining area / play room off the kitchen opens up to garden via bi-fold doors and provides a good space for young children to play, within sight of their parents.


A new side entrance via the utility room with basin and good storage will make a huge difference to the function of the home. All basins, baths,  tiles, lighting, taps and accessories were selected in traditional styles so that the house retained it's 'soul' and character. Suzy also considered adequate family sized storage in every area. There was plenty of space allowed for the family to make their mark and dress their space with furnishings and art that they love. Suzy created a detailed budget spreadsheet with full specifications and suggested items to purchase to achieve the design. 

The client replied to Suzy's comment that they were so easy to please, having accepted every element of her design with, "No actually, we're not. I was really resistant when Will brought you on board as I thought a designer would just do their style, but you really cracked it. You just really GOT us. I never thought we could afford to have a stylish and soulful house with our budget. I'm so happy with everything".  





1 Old Priory Road - Proposed plans and e

Proposed plans and elevations

Kitchen and Utility plan.jpg
Kitchen mood.jpg
Kitchen colour mood.jpg
Kitchen NE L.jpg
Kitchen NW L.jpg
Utility mood.jpg
Utility items.jpg
Utility NE L.jpg
Utility SW L.jpg
Ensuite mood.jpg
Ensuite items.jpg
Ensuite plan.jpg
Ensuite L.jpg
Shower room mood.jpg
Shower room items.jpg
Shower room plan.jpg
Shower room L.jpg

This project is complete. The family are settling in. Finished photos of the project to follow

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