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In June 2017 architect Will Falconer was commissioned to design a replacement for a bungalow in Backwell. This was an unusually rapid process as the client shared Will's interest in Mid-Century American architecture and was not phased by Will's insistence on using SIPs construction to build a low energy house. As a result the first sketches were almost exactly as the house is built.

Gaining planning permission was straightforward and as the project gathered momentum our clients appointed Suzy Harris to design the kitchen, bathrooms and general interiors. Crucially the kitchen dominates a large open living space so is a very important element.

Our meeting and consequently sharing of ideas has resulted in an impact on the way we both work. While Suzy was proficient in 2D CAD, Will had always drawn by hand. We now both use the same 2D & 3D CAD program and learn from each other's discoveries.

To celebrate nearly three years of working together on several more projects as well as ad-hoc involvement with each other's work we have decided to publish our joint work on this website.

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